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What's New(10th June 2024)

10th Jun. 2024 ESP32 Micro-barometer making recipe New!
08th Jun. 2024 Reminder for micro-barometer data processing New!
06th Jun. 2024 Reminder for magnetometer data processing New!
03rd Jun. 2024 Old BASIC program Museum New!
27th May 2024 How to add timestamps for serial data New!
16th May 2024 QMC5883L Geo-magnetometer (prototype) New!
07th Apr. 2024 Wave Propagation Simulations for Classrooms New!
25th Feb. 2024 ESP32 Seismometer (prototype) 
24th Feb. 2024 SCiUS 2023 Symposium Presentation
28th Jan. 2024 2023Dec-2024Jan Thailand Diary Whole_List
24th Jan. 2024 MUIGC2014 Excursion Diary
21st Jan. 2024 Satun Geopark Excursion Diary
07th Dec. 2023 My Seismograph History
04th Dec. 2023 Seismograph setup manual
02nd Oct. 2023 Aug-Sep.Thailand Diary Open
25th July 2023 My_Seismographs_in Thailand page
09th July 2023 My_lecture_menu page
29th Jan. 2023 TJ-SIF2016_Memory   
04th Jan. 2023 2022_Dec_Thailand_Diary 
25th Dec. 2022 for PCSHS NST Page   
14th Dec. 2022 for PCSHS Loei Page 
20th Aug. 2022 for the GeoSciEdIX Page 
04th Aug. 2022 My Lecture_menu Page 
03rd July 2022 KVIS_Seismograms Page 
06th June 2022 Geology Videos
29th May 2022 JpGU_2022ePoster
11th Feb. 2022 Rock-Thin Section and Polarized Unit (EER2021) 
30th Jan. 2022 A barometer for micro pressure changes 
27th Jan. 2022 for the 5th KVIS-ISF 
3rd Jan. 2022 Wegener's Puzzle 

Old Topics Pages

About KVIS, PCSHS Mukdahan
I have been teaching at a science high-school in Thailand since 2017 summer,
 KVIS: Kamnoetvidya Science Academy School as a Visiting Teacher for two months.The reports 2017 2018 2019 with photos are following links with Japanese captions. 2017, 2018, 2019.
PCSHS(Princess Chulabhorn Science High School) Mukdahan; in September 2019, I worked at  PCSHS Mukdahan as a visiting teacher of geoscience this year.
The photo dairy with Japanese captions is Mukdahan 2019.
After 3 years of quitting due to COVID-19, I started to visit Thailand again.

Lecture Notes (in Japanese)

    Lecture Note for Osaka Kyoiku University students (in Japanese)

    Earth and Hazard     Solid Geoscience II


Under construction

Teaching Tools (07th April 2024 updated) 

Tools my own made

Feel Free to Use with your own risk.

Rock Thin-sections and polarized units (EER2021).

    Rock Thin-Section Page

Earthquake related

    Flour Fault model (2003 Canada) 
    Making Flour Fault model  tool making  Recipe for experiment
    Epi-center location and magnitude 

    Epi-center finding using far seismograms (J & E, 2022JpGU)

Seismograph system for Classroom

ANB seismometer
2016-IGC35    2014_GeoSciEd7
Semi-professional type hand-made seismograph system

3DSeismicity Maps    AGU poster

    Using POV-Ray    Maps_index

    Using GMT     ChromaDepth 3D Glasses

Wave Propagation Simulations for Classrooms Preface New!

   Inner Earth (Prem model)     Travel time curves
   Moho discontinuity    Nomenclature
   Doraemon Model    Travel time curves
   1995Kobe Earthquake Disaster Belt

Complex System Simulations for Classrooms Preface

    Guterberg-Richter's Law related: Hakkenzan model
    G-R Law (Tohoku 30-years)
    Go-Game Model      COVID19 Sim1  Sim2  Sim3 (revised)
    Boids_1 Boids_2      Wind Ripple 
    Fault simulation (under construction)
    Landscape Evolution (under construction)

Other teaching tools

    Ocean Floor Geomagnetic model
    Crater counting exercise for Mars

Thailand High-Schools: Earth Science Class and others

An earth science class based on the natural disasters at KVIS
Exercises  for Thai Home School Students (in Japanese)

2022 (Photo Diary)
Special lectures and field trips for PCSHS Loei and PCSHS NST