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1991 Unzen Eruption video news complete (in Japanese)

Famous Earth Rocks Series,

Shawn Willsey
Videos (Utah geological sites)

These videos are pretty exciting and easily comprehensible for English non natives.

The Great Unconformity: a geologic feature spanning 1.3 billion years high in the Wasatch Mtns, Utah

Geology of the southwestern edge of the Almo pluton at City of Rocks, southern Idaho
(Cross-cutting relationship, dikes, xenolith, intrusion etc.)

SP Crater, a classic and often photographed young cinder cone volcano south of Grand Canyon NP.

The Nautilus: An odd and geologically different slot canyon in Grand Staircase-Escalante NM, Utah

Geology of the Sevier Fault and the scenic entrance to Red Canyon/Bryce Canyon NP in southern Utah

Box Canyon, Thousand Springs State Park, Idaho: relict of a mysterious flood with an unknown origin

Mt St Helens: Then and Now. A geologist's look at the 1980 eruption, 2004-08 eruption, and beyond.

More Videos are in

Shawn Willsey Video page

Another video of Utah,
by Benjamin Burger

Pennsylvanian Paradox Formation - The Rocks of Utah
(Salt domes etc.,)

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