Our Seismograph systems in Thailand                      Yoshio Okamoto 2023-07-25

Since 2017, I installed our seismograph system to some Thailand science high-schools.

All aluminum metal made:

More simplified sensors:
2016-IGC35    2014_GeoSciEd7

Using 3Dprinted parts (see Page 4, English version):

The following photos show our systems.(click images to enlarge)

img_1063.jpg img_20190904_154019.jpg
KVIS (Rayong) Seismographs system installed in 2017 Sep. 
PCSHS(Princess Chulabhorn Science High-School) Mukdahan in 2019 Sep.
img_2658.jpg img_4596d.jpg
PCSHS Loei in 2022 Dec.
PCSHS NST(Nakhon Si Thammarat) in 2022 Dec.
nk_test.jpg clipboard02.jpg
2017 North Korea Nuclear test signal at KVIS
2017 M8.0 Mexico earthquake at KVIS
Realtime movie recorded at my desk int KVIS: https://youtu.be/K80MiMCxepc
muk_ind.jpg 6_9Indonesia.png
2020 Indonesia M6.8 and 6.9 (whole day record, doubled EQ) at PCSHS mukdahan
2020 Indonesia M6.9 (EQ close up) at PCSHS mukdahan

Some teaching materials: Using KVIS seismograms:

My Home Seismic observatory (beneath my home's bath room!)

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