My Thailand Photo Diary Aug.-Sep. 2023   2023-09-15 Yoshio Okamoto
2023-09-15 10-02 Yoshio Okamoto

Preliminary Questionnaire results 17th Oct. 2023

Preliminary Photo Diary (In some pages, there are still no link for enlarged images, movies etc. I will fix soon later) , please see Page 1 at first

Ubon Ratchathani University Page 1
2023 SciUS Symposium at Thammaast Univ. page 2
Silpakorn University, Page 3
Mahidol University Kanchanarubi Campus and Field Trip, Page 4
Chiang Mai University, Page 5
Phayao University (パヤオ大学,Page 6)
Extra Note: Bangkok Downtown and Cambodia trip, Page 7 (only Japanese Caption now)

My lecture PPTs and other resources for students and teachers with exercises 2023-09-15 Yoshio Okamoto

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For SciUS School Students and teachers:
Ubonratchathani University SciUS School
Silpakorn University SciUS school
ChiangMai University SciUS school
Phayao University SciUS school

New upload of the following.
Lecture PPTs
Exercise charts (for A3 paper): Seis_Exercise_SciUS.pdf

3. Skelton Seismograph Making Recipe

1. Seismology (Earthquakes) and Geophysics related

Lecture menu:

Falt Experiment:
Flour Fault Experiment Tool Making
My Seismograph systems in Thailand:

2. Geology related

3. Astronomy or others related

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