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0. Thin-section study for teachers

1.PPTs (pdfs but too heavy size!)

What is science

Geology related:



JMA59type-Seimogram-exercise (Loei, NST same resource)

Seismograph installed in Loei campus (3Dprinted parts assembled)
岡本義雄:3D プリンタ印刷パーツで製作する学校教材用地震計,日本地球惑星連合大会2022,e-Poster,2022 with English Poster

Volcanic Ash (using garden soil, Akadama-tsuchi, in Japanese)
Video Part 1:
Video Part 2:

Rock thin-section page:

Thin-section making video:


Flour Fault Experiment (Not used at the lecture. Now, in Japanese, soon in English)
岡本義雄:小 麦粉を用いた断層モデル実験,大阪と科学教育,14, 13-16, 2000

Geo Clino (a digital clino-meter) for iPhone APP
GeoClino for iPhone」をApp Storeで

3.References (some are too heavy)

Yoshio Okamoto:A New Method of Making and Observing Rock thin-sections for Classrooms, NAGT Earth Educators' Rendezvous Online, July 12-16, 2021, abstract.

Atlas of igneous rocks and their textures

YouTube Videos: 1) is basic, 2) is an advanced contents
These videos are excellent video for education! Part 1 contents are enough for high school  class room observation, accessory plates are not necessary in middle schools.

<My seismographs related pages:>

Yoshio Okamoto, Yuichi Naoki, Haruka Nishiguchi and Yutaka Maruo (2022): School-Use Seismographs Employing 3D-Printed Parts -Subsequent Developments and Practical Issues-, GeoSciEdIX, e-Poster
Yoshio Okamoto(2022): School Seismographs Made with 3D Printed Part, JpGU2022, e-Poster
Yoshio Okamoto: “A School Seismograph System at KVIS, Thailand”-A new construction and its seismograms-, GeoSciEd VIII Campinas, 2018 Abstract

ANB_Seimometer (in Japanese, simplified system)
岡本義雄:教 室でできる地学実験「ANB地震計を作ろう! その3」,日本地震学会広報紙「なゐふる」No.104,6-7,2016
岡本義雄:教 室でできる地学実験「ANB地震計を作ろう! その2」,日本地震学会広報紙「なゐふる」No.103,6-7,2015 
岡本義雄:教 室でできる地学実験「ANB地震計を作ろう! その1」,日本地震学会広報紙「なゐふる」No.102,4-5,2015 
Yoshio Okamoto: Low-Cost and Easy-Made Horizontal Seismometer with Arduino for Educational Use -Demonstration and Observation-, 35th IGC Cape Town 2016 abstract

<My seismograms related pages:>

Travel-Time Curve:
岡本義雄:遠 距離の地震波形を使用した震源作図教材と大森係数の検証,日本地球惑星連合大会2022,e-Poster,2022 with English Poster
岡本義雄・井村有里:Hinet 地震波形データを用いた,走時曲線教材の作成と高校生実習,日本地学教育学会2021年度全国大会,2021

<3D Seismicity Maps>
Yoshio Okamoto:New 3D seismicity maps using chromo-stereoscopy with two alternative freewares. 2011 AGU Fall Meeting, Abstract

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